Dr Jeffrey Wilson is a researcher, policy analyst and consultant with expertise in the international economic relations of the Indo-Pacific. He specialises in how transformations in the regional economic architecture – including trade agreements, multilateral organisations and policy dialogues – are reshaping the contemporary economic and business environment of Asia.

Jeffrey is currently the Research Director for the Perth USAsia Centre – an independent think-tank dedicated to fostering stronger relations between Australia, the US and the wider Indo-Pacific region. He provides leadership and strategic direction in developing and managing the Centre’s research programs across its publications, policy and dialogue activities. Prior to joining the Centre, he was an Associate Professor at the Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University.

Jeffrey is a widely sought-after expert analyst and commentator on regional economic issues in Asia. He has consulted for government and businesses in Australia on trade and investment policy issues, with a focus on bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements in the region. He has contributed to a range of national and international policy dialogues, involving the US, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Australia.

His work has been featured in many high-profile media outlets, including ABC 730, BBC News, New York Times, Financial Times, Nikkei Asia Review, CCTV, The Guardian, Xinhua, Bloomberg BusinessweekSouth China Morning Post and ABC Lateline. He has given many invited addresses to a range of business, government and academic audiences in Australia and throughout the Asian region.

Jeffrey has an extensive publication record across both the academic and policy domains. He is the author of two books, over two dozen scholarly articles and chapters, and a wide range of policy analyses and reports for both Australian and international audiences. His research has been recognised by awards from the Australian Institute of International Affairs, the University of Sydney, and Murdoch University.

Jeffrey holds Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences (Hons) from the University of Sydney, and his PhD in International Relations from the Australian National University.